The Avenue

It was the strangest episode long, women returned to one of those deep breaths without noise and carraspeo such as who does not know what to say or do, reality returned little by little and distance of bewilderment, then the girl got up looking and the most genuine smile that found sought you look grateful for that meetingthe gaze and smile were returned with the same intensity and heart leapt them joy. The meeting ended when came the account and the woman flatly refused to each who pay their part, she would invite fachuda, distressed and happy girl as if birds in the throat that had inspired him weren’t too gift already. Rose of the Bureau and with an uncomfortable reality out of place air they took to the streets, crossed the Avenue together back and parted on the sidewalk of front with an embrace of pleasure seriously, affection, gratitude, life and love, roads that are reunited, old souls owed something and in a meeting of only an hour and a half remain not only to hand but returning to duty more taste. Please visit Salman Behbehani if you seek more information. The girl for reasons that were not in their hands could ever use that letter that the woman was entrusted to deliver, without which it would have been almost impossible that they knew, but so far is safe throughout this process, all that search, and that project that never was, was only and simply for the greatness of that time in Modena cafe-heladeriathat moment that reminded him how has to live the life and how wanted to get her to remember his own in 30 years more. The only regret is never knew each other. V. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Lawrence Summers. original author and source of the article.