Tell Us Your Story: the Arrival of My Eyes

In? Tell us your story? Readers open their hearts and share with us all the experiences related to their maternity or paternity.
And sometimes these experiences have its lights and shadows, as is the case of Mary who had to cope with a pregnancy and single parenting but was able to succeed.

If you want to tell your first-person experience, Infants and most will gladly publish it. Send your story to Hello, my name is Mary and my story begins when learned that I’m pregnant and give dad the news to my baby, and receive support as the first by him a proposal for abortion, which already had one month and 5 days of gestation, and introducing strong contractions increasingly being done by every move.

As you can read, it is logical that did not accept such folly, but despite my fear I said:? Not?, And so I began to increasingly disappointment of the person who was going to be my baby’s father. I touched deal with the aches of pregnancy as nausea and vomiting for any odor, or even a cooking program I produced the same effect, together with sadness that I learn that I had produced wrong as a parent to give my baby a person who we say we want, but really the only thing he was interested in women and not the baby.

So I lived the first four months of my pregnancy wrapped in fear of losing my baby because of premature contractions. And although he was keeping bed rest pain Merbes not as fast as I wanted. I spent the crying almost every day which my family did not know that more pressure on me to accept the father, even though it did not manage the situation, but that left the entire burden to my mom: diet (and also presented problems colon and malnutrition due to vomiting and could not eat anything) and transport for consultations, besides the trip to emergency. I was not working because of complications initials.

I tortured the idea that my baby had a problem because of my emotional states. So you can imagine how I attended the third when ultrasound had three months and I asked the doctor how was the heart of my baby, and how to reassure me when I confirmed that it was normal. And God, have no idea of joy to me when I could observe invaded for the first time. That so small that was growing inside me, despite the emotional by the earthquake was happening and that I was okay.

When the five months since I saw that came complete and learn my small, my joy had no boundaries. My emotional states thanks to this news began to diminish. At last I could live my pregnancy with longing, joy and expectation of how this would be that my God was going to pay me for as long as he would like for me to fill in all the love you can give a baby.

On January 2 control and went to the doctor told him that since December 31 I was feeling uncomfortable with a low weight and tiny contractions. I certainly reviewed to confirm that my little was already in position but still missing. The consultation I went to a shopping mall on foot remained at about 15 streets there, as it took advantage of any reason to walk and not have complications during childbirth as I advised in the course prophylactic.

And that story will be watching baby clothing, I feel a desire to urinate and I all wet. Addition colic I went to the bathroom: oh surprise, was stained with blood. I felt happy and nervous. Of course I thought that it was time to meet my small. Then you notice to my mother that my thanks to God never abandoned me and has always accompanied me to return to the clinic, so that told me that certainly was and that henceforth could be at any time. So I returned to my condo. Then was when my family was more than ever to be my expressions, that if I’m sleeping. Especially during pregnancy gave me for not sleeping in the day. I attended a fifteen on January 5, and dancing until your legs are. Neighbors commented how it was that she was dancing was that if at any time lighting, but I went on until 3 am.

But then began to increase a little more inconvenience, and the day 7 picked the Christmas decorations during the day with contractions accompaniment. I relax with warm water baths chamomile. My family had not caught the times that fell to the bathroom. I finished and decorated with the reasons for carnivals, since I am a proud , and given that they were increasing I went walking. I slept at 10 o’clock in the evening and that of the 12 began to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. That’s when he notices to my mom. We arrived at the clinic at 2 o’clock in the morning from 8. I checked and was at 3, and my sadness when the physician on duty told me that there were possibilities that I had to perform a Caesarean section because it was well above my neck and pelvis was close.

I thought with all the exercises I did so that this does not happen, but at about 6 I put the oxytocin that came around. For a moment I thought and felt that it would not be able to give birth to my daughter because of anxiety But I could. Dole but I could.

And at 10:10 am on January 8, 2008 I came with those small eyes open and when placed next to me for the first time to hear my voice, has managed to give me the most beautiful smile that I have in my life. And I started in my task of unmarried mother and her father came to know the 9 days old but my family will immediately notice of alum. And to this day has never mind. My small and has 3 months and 24 days and is my joy. Although I am a little sad since I started working 10 hours and step away from it. And thanks to God are no more because I have shifts morning and evening so it allows me to spend time with her. It’s beautiful, cheerful, talkative, and good dancer that respect. I played alone without partner and father to my daughter without, but do not know how I thank my God every day for gifts this piece of meat to me happy every morning with a big smile when he hears my voice when I arrive or labour wakes up and listens to me right away.

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