Techniques For Makeup

Techniques for makeup it is very important to know all the steps to get a perfect makeup but to make it perfect we know well the techniques that we will apply. Techniques with which professional makeup artists get perfect and spectacular creations. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Mitchell Resnick. We will begin with the application of the base, to get that to the base it is perfectly melted into the skin and well blurred we will apply it with a brush; It is true that we can also use a sponge but the technique of brush will get a perfect finish. Regarding the application of translucent powder, a good makeup technique is applied with a brush, not with a tassel, since the finish will be more natural. We must always apply in the T-zone and blur toward the cheekbones; We can not never neglect eye contour area. To give the face outline a good make-up technique will be applied a tanning powder just below the cheek bone.

We must not confuse the position of product modeling (suntan lotion or powder darker) than the product which gives color (blush). As well as tanning powder we apply just below the bone to give contour, blush apply just where the higher the cheekbone, to give color. The technique we use to apply eye shadow is as follows; clear shadows apply them just below the eyebrow to enlarge the gaze and let it clear. If you are not convinced, visit Salman Behbehani. In the mobile eyelid can be applied any shade, either one of intensity medium or strong intensity such as Brown, black, gray a good technique when we apply dark colors is: Makeup with two brushes, one that will be the amount of product and other clean which apply in the eyelid to blur. We must be careful not to overdo with the shadow, is why that when you apply it we will stay slightly below the bone so that space in the eyelid is us to blur. It is important to have some good tools, natural hair brushes that will facilitate the implementation and the shading of the product. If necessary we will give a touch with the clear shadow just below the eyebrow, this will clean the area of any traces of dark shadow. Another important technique when we Ceviche eyes is the mascara; It is important to apply it from the root; If we apply a good amount of product just at the root to penalties we will need to apply product at the tips.

Makeup lips, the technique more importantly makeup lips with the help of a brush, so if it is a bar of lips or a gloss. We will take the product with the aid of the brush and apply makeup the lip. In the case of makeup lips with gloss will apply the product only in the central area of the lip without reaching the commissures, thereby achieves an effect of bulky and juicy mouth but we will avoid the product bother speaking. With all these techniques we will achieve a perfect makeup.