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Lisa Neumann University

The way in which fear everyone knows well the feeling of fear and is confronted in his life more or less often. Fear is a useful affect, which resembles a physical alarm system evolution-historical perspective. Follow others, such as Mark Rein Epic, and add to your knowledge base. You warns us of dangers and uses appropriate reactions such as fight or flight underway. The physical signs are different, ranging from wet hands over tense muscles to dizzy spells. The news portal news.de explains, when fear however is to the disease and how it can rid. According to the Mannheim psychotherapist and author Doris Wolf about one-fifth of the Germans by a slight anxiety worsens. For every tenth feeling acts strongly everyday einschraenkend.

The question is important for combating the excessive fear of the adequacy of own reaction. The expert indicates that some fear may be sometimes useful, for example before exams. Strong sensations she has in turn resistant and insulating. According to the News.de editorial staff for health (www.news.de/ gesundheit.html) has scared of many causes. Traumatic events or serious illnesses can have lifelong negative associations to the result. Not infrequently too panicky parents shape the child. Morbid fear is however, if the person concerned suffers often and for a long time. Sometimes the anxiety disorders can lead to depression or dependencies. Also compulsive acts are a serious consequence. According to Wolf, however, there is a way out of fear: each learned fear response could be unlearned again. It is only important that help is taken and by means of self-help groups, the fear contrary to cast autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation.More information: ../der-furchtfalle-entkommen/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59.

The Truth Of The Color

Problem solution colour determination – professional meter color catch 2 with 2 color catch the PCE Germany GmbH presents a precision colorimeter in the Pocket. Architects, painters, and any other field working with colors is known the problems of determining correct color. Thanks to an electronic color meter, this is child’s play… The use of meter is widely: crafts, industry, trade, research and development. Above all architects, designers, and paint manufacturers constantly perform color comparisons. Craftsman uses the color determination as a basis, E.g. when later after mixing with aged coatings.

Often performed the evaluation of color are still using paper streaks or color trays, but the decision is only subjective due to the human perception of color. The light reflected by an object meets the retina in the eye and there is converted into nerve impulses. The impulses are processed in the brain and cause a sensation, which we refer to as “Color”. The experienced color world is a Interpretation of our brain, which is influenced by many variable factors. Perception problems occur in the yellow area and increase the value of the blue a higher white is simulated the human eye. Thus, an objective color determination only by means of an electronic tool is possible. Thanks to a color monitor, no one needs to carry more than thousand colour codes in paper form.

The handy color catch 2 is an important tool for professionals. The main focus in this new product primarily in the precision and quality. Due to the ease of use and compact housing, it convinced anyone who works with colors. Painter, painter, designer, etc. very quickly a color matching perform and even on rough plaster. The battery-powered meter enables a fast and reliable determination of the color. To do this, the practical color meter is clicked flat held, once the colour and immediately, the two next color codes are displayed, the he in its internal found stored palette. He used prefers structured surfaces, because there an optical color determination is particularly difficult. It is delivered with the most commonly requested RAL and NCS of color codes. Through the USB interface is convenient to expand the color charts. Furthermore can be set a connection to color mixers here. The color is finally to determine the time past, where you had to try lavishly using colour sample cards