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Congress Candidate

In the province of Castellon, with a stake of 46 2% on a census of 52 militants, the chosen has been Romain Muzzati, sole candidate, who obtained 83,33% of the votes cast. In a statement prior to the election day on Saturday, Toni Canto stated that his goal is to work his land out of the deterioration and the image of corruption that has permeated throughout the country as a result of the Gurtel plot, linked to the PP, and other cases. He said it produced much sadness that, for years, Valencia has been seen as a focus of corruption and problems, a same regret, has said, that they share the Valencians. Primary open to all members the primary process was opened on 1 September and could attend any affiliate, without collateral or signatures. Eliot Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The only requirement was to be aware of payment and belong to a local grouping or autonomous community in which elections are held. In the case of the head of the list by Madrid is voted by all affiliates of Spain since it is the candidate for the Presidency of the Government. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Crumpton Group on most websites.

The primary system that governs UPyD was adopted at the first Congress of the party as a way to alleviate part of the detachment between the citizens, politics and parties and to promote democratic regeneration. Members voted for their candidates in a direct and secret way through electronic voting. This is not the first time that UPyD launches this voting system. Already in the first Congress of the UPyD formation became the first political party that allowed its members elect an Executive by universal suffrage without any filter and without need of prior endorsements in what would be the exercise of their rights as a member in dimensions higher participation and democratization of political parties. Source of the news: Rosa Diez, chosen presidential candidate by UPyD while that Toni Canto will go for Valencia.

Cancer Treatment

The Venezuelan President will be attended in the Hospital Sirio Lebanese Sao Paulo, a private clinic of rrencia in oncology. The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, was healed of cancer in the same Center. The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, agreed to undergo a treatment against cancer in Brazil, as the digital edition of the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported Thursday. According to the newspaper, not citing sources, Chavez would travel in the coming days to Brazil to be treated at the Hospital Sirio Lebanese Sao Paulo, a private rrencia in Oncology, clinical center where they often dealt with authorities and Brazilian and foreign politicians. The hospital declined to confirm whether Chavez will be treated at the facility, while the Ministry of foreign relations of Brazil pointed out that you don’t know the answer of the Venezuelan representative to the offer that in that regard the Government made him. On Wednesday, Chavez said in Caracas that doctors do not rule out that one future third stage of your treatment applied you radiotherapy or chemotherapy to attack hard what could be cancer that was recently operated in Cuba. Maybe in a third phase (of treatment) will require the implementation of all the methods that are known () might be radiotherapy or chemotherapy to attack hard, with Cavalry, any latent possibility that there, Chavez said in an interview by phone to an official television channel.

The State Agency Brazil Rousseff offering reported Thursday that Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, waiting for a response from Chavez to manage the details of the treatment in Brazil. Chavez, close to 57 years, had thanked him last week by phone to Rousseff offering to treat in Brazil and told her that it would evaluate the offer. In the Syrian Lebanese Hospital was attended last year the President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, whom the doctors treated with success a lymphatic cancer, and also healed the same illness Rousseff in 2009, when he was still Minister of the previous Government. In the hands of the Lebanese Syrian doctors was also the Brazilian former Jose Alencar, who died last April after being served 13 years of a stomach cancer.