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What Do You Mean

Today, when we ask what does the word 'bride', few people remember its original meaning. Additional information is available at Ray Kurzweil. Responsible, as a rule, the following: "Dowry – an informal part-Left earnings, performed in their spare time, appealing his one-time (did and forgot), the opportunity to work solely for yourself, no need to pay taxes (and share with the owner) and a higher fee (except for the bride-price are not taken). Dr. Mitchell Resnick gathered all the information. But original meaning of the word dates back to the history of many peoples. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may find this interesting as well. Have to begin with, many Eastern nations, unlike the Russian, the woman in the family was valued much higher than the male. A person who has been born girls, considered lucky. Women are valued as employees, on which rested the entire economy, the whole life and whole life of men.

And this in spite of their powerless position, the authority of the father and husband. The most interesting thing started when girls growing up and were married. For the loss of valuable workers groom's family had to pay the bride's family redemption – bride. It could be money or in kind (livestock, food, textiles, etc.). The richer the family was, and the higher valued bride, the greater was the bride. Therefore, in the east was common saying goes: even the poor man can become rich if he is born daughters. Custom to pay a ransom for the bride-bride survived until now, but in most cases it is games, comic character and really does not compensate for the loss of the bride's family workers. But where did the modern meaning of the word? The fact is that sometimes allowed to work out the dowry, that is zakalymit bride, including if the groom could not find enough money to ransom and marry her still wanted.

Woo the bridegroom could work out right for a bride for a few years, while in the service of father of his future wife. And there was value of the word 'bride' as additional work, part. And today is the word most often used is in its second meaning. This form of work as a bride, for many remains more attractive than the constant work, it does not require full-time, and can operate in a free and convenient. And another property is a bride price, which is so fond of Russian people – you can not pay taxes, and work entirely on himself. This, agree, very nice. I do not call here to the violation of Russian law, but merely stating a known fact. So what works in health, good mood to you and lucky bride.

The Output

Collection of goals, their level of difficulty is a crucial factor in relation to the internal structure, quantity and quality of the structural elements of the subject. Important factors affecting the production structure are as follows: nature of the product and its nomenclature, the dimensions of manufacturing, the level of co-operation and entrepreneurial skills. The level of co-operation in a high degree of influence on the structure of the company: what it above, so it is cheaper. Major importance is also the ability of people to connect all the factors of production to create goods or services with the greatest efficiency, to make key decisions on management of production process and to take risks, that is, the presence of entrepreneurial skills. 3.

Production and technical factors include the level, structure and pace of manufacturing, the entire set of systems, equipment, availability of raw materials and materials, manufacturing technology products. The composition of the machinery and equipment, their progressiveness, quality, wear and tear, the intensity of exploitation of, technology and quality of comfort will be largely zasiset success of the company: the number and quality of production, profitability and profit margins. Significant role and impact on all components of the internal environment of the firm have applied technology. Firms are characterized by modern technology, have great advantages for economic development. Same backward technological base, on the contrary, give the output product, the Q is not meet market demands. This will result in reduced competitiveness of the company, which in turn will cause the decline of economic stability.