Today many people are paralyzed and feel chills all over my body just to hear the word robot, are thought to be from another world and that in future they will take possession of land thus ending humanity. a According to Antonio Lopez (2001). In the future our homes and workplaces are characterized by automated systems and robotics that will be part of our work and everyday life. Since we live in a world of constant updating. a If it is true that there will be millions of robots that would cause job losses because of cost and efficiency or are used with a negative end to harm humanity, also exist and will exist millions of robots for the benefit of it for the real objective of these is in the interests of society. a In a major field in which he has excelled both robotics and robots is in medicine, as it is to perform a very fast and accurate, plus you will not experience fatigue, whatever that lasts the operation does not present tremor, doing his job properly in the tenth operation as the first (Gomez H.: 1998). Similarly a used in the construction of the arms or legs for people, and are very good, or introduce cameras that look better than an eye. As Ariel says Palazzesi (2008).

All the technology that made possible the existence of these wonderful robots can also be used to replace our defective parts. There are also the leading medical nanorobots by small cavities of the body where needed, and as such there are many more in the medicine. a Another advantage is the creation of a robot as a pet for the elderly, they serve to live with elderly people living alone and being able to control if they have a mishap rate and call drop or tutoring services make life easier. (Ferrero, M.: 2009). It would be nice to give them the opportunity to be independent and not feel like a burden to their families.

a The only flaw in this project is that maybe then his family will forget them and do not receive assistance by breaking a family relationship, but this would be the conscience of every person. a “China is able to sell very cheap products and not the amount of labor, but because it has many robots” (Fernandez, Alejandro: 2009) a Today, robots, defined as slightly intelligent automation systems, manufacturing everything and even in China: This country can not sell cheap products in the amount of labor, but because it has many robots. all these beliefs that robots could be prevented worse since childhood, giving him a good education to children involved from making small and more than three hundred children aged between six and twelve years are now able to draw the pieces of a robot that comes in a box, build it and program it through a computer program, causing it to move or walk. For assistance, try visiting ConocoPhillips. (Sanchez C. 2009). Achieving that in the future he does something to cure cancer, go further in space or just make inventions and bring forward to benefit mankind. a In short, the advance of science today is in large part thanks to programs that help shape from the genome to a bridge. People do not realize it, but today we are totally dependent on robotics. Without the robots, society would be paralyzed.