The Franconian capital investment and real estate specialist has with the real estate development fund PROJECT”four cities”Fund developed a solution for institutional investors. Bamberg, 25.06.2013: the Franconian capital investment and real estate specialist has with the real estate development fund PROJECT “four cities developed a fund solution for institutional investors. The current interest rate low institutional portfolios lose significant revenues. Core inventory properties offer no alternative due to the lower yields. The demand for professional partners for real estate development is severely. German power plants, insurance companies and pension funds have to invest the chance with professional real estate development from the House PROJECT in one of the most stable asset classes with attractive yields: residential real estate in major German cities. PROJECT makes the Group of companies with its own branches as its investment offers in the public areas only investments in locations, where successfully is present. The Fund four cities invests only in the cream de la cream of the German residential real estate markets: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich.

Highlight of the Fund is the proven PROJECT security concept. This consists of an attractive start portfolio of high-quality objects, diversification through investment in at least six development projects in three different locations, as well as full equity of the Fund. Thus, the capital of institutional investors is always secured by debt-free land registers of the designed objects. The target volume is EUR 100 million in a Fund run for five years. Real estate expertise responsible is the PROJECT real estate group with an exclusive asset manager for planning, construction and sale of real estate. The exclusive asset manager of the PROJECT investment group acts as a fully integrated developer and covers the full value chain with its over one hundred highly skilled real estate specialists, including architects, civil engineers and own sales staff, AB “, as Jurgen Uwira, CEO of PROJECT real estate trust specialized in institutional investments.

The exclusive combination of investment and asset managers has existed since 1995 and is a unique market investment and real estate expertise. Planned exit strategy the investment focuses on residential real estate development with sale to owner-occupiers. This ensures quick return. Also, the exit planning is already before purchasing the land through integration of the own sales teams on the ground. With this strategy in combination with the proven safety concept the Franks aim to achieve a return of 8%-10% IRR on. That this is possible, has proved the PROJECT investment group with numerous object developments over the years. Also still no single project completed in the almost 20-year history of the company negatively. AIFM compliant partnership by the structure of the Fund is a result from numerous conversations with institutional investors. The home portfolio, and the deal pipeline, as well as the timely capital views secure moderate magnitude of the Fund. In the legal drafting, the Franks set on the newly created possibilities of the investment code (KAGB). The Fund four metropolises is designed as AIFM regulated investment funds for institutional investors in the form of the limited partnership. The additional security of State supervision and custodian bank has a downer time costs. Only from July 22, 2013 the PROJECT investment group may submit the application to the approval at the Federal Institute for financial services supervision (BFin), so that expected to fall this year first investor in the Fund funds. For more information,