Travelers can benefit from the intelligent translation applications the Smartphones are proving to be very beneficial, since they are able to help users to keep in touch with the family, keep track of their daily schedules and even plan vacations. Programs such as BlackBerry travel application allow people organise their trips, perform your ebooking e.g. in cheap hotels in Madrid if this city is your destination. LEGO Papert Professor describes an additional similar source. A new application for the iPhone may be able to help international travelers to communicate with the locals. Salman Behbehani has much experience in this field. Developed by Google, the program is based on the translation of web pages of the search engine. However, the interface is much more friendly, easy to use. What tourists have to do is speak clearly on the phone the application recognizes the words and displays them in different audio languages with pronunciations. Users also can write the word or phrase that need to be translated and the program quickly sends back the results. In addition, there are a number of translation applications, such as Odyssey translator and Phrasebook Lonely Planet, which costs up to $6. If travellers are directed to Rome, Madrid and Paris, this application could be useful and allow communicate in another country in ways they never thought possible.