This shows how interior design encompasses many different disciplines and that requires both training in science and technology, as well as be creative and imaginative. The design process is the same regardless of the type of construction. The first step is to determine the objectives of the client, deadlines and budget. The ultimate goal is almost always improve the customer even in household incomes is shall take into account the resale value of the House. The designer then presents a proposal that outlines the design concept and the cost to do so.

Specifies if in addition to the design shall amoblamientos, goods or the direction and management of work and costs or margins of these services differ. Sketches and drawings of the design are required before performing any work, these are detailed studies of the existing space. The first step once commissioned the project will be the creation of these drawings if it do not exist. Today, designers use the design assisted by computer (CAD planimetry), despite the fact that the sketches made by hand are still valued by his personality. CAD is a program used to communicate design solutions realistic in view to various angles. This program optimizes the work and eliminate many hours of drawing by hand. After the study and drawing work, initial concepts are presented to the client for approval.

If passes are performed the floor plans and then the detailed specifications of all modifications, finishes and furnishings. It is likely that the doors, Windows and walls are repositioned. On the other hand, is of great importance the approach to construction by what abroad is considered always together with interior design. Of course, if the designer is responsible for the acquisition of furniture or management and site management you only will assume these functions. Many design specifications will be included in a package offer that ultimately will be used by a construction company, to make the design of the customer. The site design phase can be prolonged several months or even years after completed the specification of the Design.