One of the outputs required for every tourist who visits the city of Buenos Aires for the first time is going to a tango show. Although these worthy of Broadway shows printed on a powerful and indelible memory in the memory of the visitor, the true essence of tango will be sought in the Milongas. Milongas are local nightclubs where locals and lovers of tango around the world come together to dance tango, listen to live music, take dance lessons, socialize and maintain alive the flame of one of the most intense of our time musical passions. They are a hybrid between a nightclub, a social club, a cabaret of varieties and a bar, but the result is much more than that. It’s true cathedrals of Tango, spaces where are preserved, transmitted and metamorphose the deepest traditions of this honda manifestation of Argentine popular culture. Here are some two Milongas outside the official circuit which you can not miss during your trip to good aire:milonga La Catedralimaginate enter a former factory decorated from floor to ceiling with art objects made with waste, all types tables lit by candles, chairs destartaladas strictly unequal between itself and a dance floor of wood crowned by small red lights where dancers of tango around the world embrace. Thats the Cathedral and much more, a magical place where anything can happen, like attend a tango live improvisation, see swarming cats among the dancers or be literally speechless by a couple of Japanese who seem to have discovered all the secrets of the tango.

Although it opens on weekends, Tuesday is the key day for diving into this bizarre, poetics and essential Milonga. Purists abstenerse.Milonga to the air free of the Plaza DorregoSi the fair of antiques from the Plaza Dorrego is one of the rides where more breathes tango on Sundays, evenings becomes one of the most popular milongas of the city. The Milonga takes place in the same plaza, where a special floor under the trees and a Garland of colorful lights are installed. The night begins with tango and it follows with Argentine folk, salsa and other popular rhythms. It is the perfect place to spend a summer evening with friends, dance or just enjoy the art of professional tango dancers, amateurs and beginners, all together with the single intention of spending a night of tango as in the courtyard of a House.One of the best times of the year to enjoy the tango and the milongas of Buenos Aires is during the World Cup of Tango, when the majority of the milongas present shows and special events. During this event that disrupts literally all over the city, hotels in Buenos Aires tend to be complete, so it is recommended that you plan your visit a few months earlier. Original author and source of the article