Scientific methodology a less frightful vision for the freshmen. In the first week of lesson of the fantastic academic world, the euphoria and the anxiety are gifts in the freshmen. Passed some weeks? when the fiche falls? the pupil if comes across with a different world of lived so far the feeling can be the desmotivao. Nomenclatures, very different curricular norms and component of its world as secundarista, start to belong to the day the day of the academic. A common curricular component to all the academic areas is the Scientific Methodology. It is presented comumente in the first period of the course, having as objective to supply to methods and rules the elaboration of academic works.

Scientific projects, fichamentos, summaries, summaries, articles and many other types of academic writing will be requested for the professors, during the periods of the course. some specific ones for its conclusion. Each work I specify, contains a set of norms recommended for the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques). Each NBR (Recommended Brazilian Norma) brings a numeration of reference. is each one of these numerations and recommendations that we have that to follow in the hour to inside develop a text of the academy. Former: NBR-6028? Referring norms to the Summary. NBR-6027? Referring norms to the presentation of the Summary. However, exactly after having it disciplines attended a course it and learned in the theory as a summary, an article or any work of academic nature must be made, it is common that the pupil feels itself fearful at the moment to put in practical all those norms.

E to each new work, new norms and more doubts. The return to methodology books if makes necessary. Some books bring a explicativa didactics, with images exemplificando the theory. Others are more theoreticians and fit to each pupil to discover that one that better will be able to help it during the passage of its academic life. Perhaps if during average education the Scientific Methodology had an introduction, it would not have as much difficulty in the academy and the texts would be better developed and used to advantage for the pupils. A thing is certain, all pupil will need to consult some times some books of Methodology during the course. It would be interesting if all the facultieses produced its guide practical of Scientific Methodology. This certainly would facilitate the life of the pupils But, who said that the academic life is for being simple?