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Russian Federation

The first opportunity to replace a passport, the validity of which is nearing completion, is a trip back home at his residence. In this case, the citizen can appeal to the local services of police or the visa department and replace passport to the standard prescribed by the Law of the Russian Federation, the procedure. It must be noted that the old passport is canceled, but must be issued by a citizen on your hands, because it will probably be acting long-term visa to the Czech Republic that will be needed when crossing the border, returning to the Czech Republic. Here, Cross River Bank expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this case, a foreign citizen at the border must submit the old passport with valid visa and new passport new expiration date. You can go through the procedure inserts a visa to new passport in one of the offices of the Consulate of Czech Republic in the country in which there was a replacement passport, but in this case it is necessary to obtain entry to the consulate of the Czech Republic on reception on the visa on the basis of the old visa and obtain a new passport.

This process can take from one to seven days depending on the speed of the employees of the consulate. After pasting visa to new passport can cross the border with a new passport. There are two possible replacement passport of a foreign citizen residing in the territory of the Czech state, without leaving limits of the Czech Republic. For Russian citizens, these features are available when you contact the Russian consulate, nationals of other countries, exchange occurs at the consulate of his country, located in the Czech Republic.


About the gullibility of Americans in America believe in the word. To reflect, you realize that it's not stupid, not naive, and some higher level development. In our merchants in 19 th century trade relations is practiced. You can invent yourself any name you use more, to have documents in different names – is in order. If you do not have the right to a document, tell the name and address – just call and everything will update. All contracts are drawn up with the words.

True, this does not apply to banking transactions, when it comes to loans and other matters such as opening accounts. Pocket of an American – a place sensitive. In general, this feature of American citizens – an illustration of what a person is responsible not only for their own affairs, but also for the words, and good name – not an empty phrase, but a very tangible benefit, otherwise referred to as creditworthy. About prices and quality services to the U.S. Small household problem in America solved with surprising ease. Just need to know exactly what you want and the price agreed to pay for it. The issue is important. Prices are determined by the quality of service: time – money.

You can bury itself in the newspaper, find a giveaway, to take the time to go and get what you need. You can not spend time to call and you all bring, when and where to say. But it will be expensive.