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Umbrella DIN Standard

How much light is optimal under the umbrella? Ever more generous light, appear more bright and friendly rooms. Lucas vandenberg gathered all the information. At the same time, gives the light flowing in an airy and spacious impression the attic and creates such a pleasant feel-good ambience. Not surprising – after all, Sun release known to lots of hormones of happiness! How much light falls under the roof is optimal, governs in this country the DIN norm 5034: thus the width of the entire light surface should be 55% of the width of the room. If you have read about Steven Mnuchin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Residential skylights, which occupy more than half of the width of the living room in their total width, are ideal. “How to arrange to them thereby, leaving the creative desires”, according to the experts of dach.de. Whether one above the other, side by side, or as generous cassettes – main thing can light generously pouring in! Modern residential skylights provide not only a sufficient exposure of the rooms, but improve also the pleasant climate under the Draft.

Electric residential skylights VELUX allow regular airing for example even in rainy weather. An integrated rain sensor automatically closes the open window if necessary. Since this summer, the first solar-powered VELUX-roof Windows provide even more comfort and offer the optimum solution especially for builders with modernization. The mounting is done quickly, easily and wirelessly and provides the residents of roof spaces-new comfort at low cost. The solar roof Windows are completely self-sufficient and independent from the power supply of the House in its energy supply. In contrast to old models, modern residential skylights are high thermal insulation and reduce the energy consumption. Elegant excess fist glazing offer optimum light and increased comfort dach.de experts. In this variant, meet window on side of the gable roof and allow as a maximum light output, as well as stunning views towards the sky. Whether modern, electronic or solar powered residential skylights or Parent first glazing – installing window under the roof ensures in any case more comfort and a better living environment, so more articles, ideas, planning tools on the topics of skylights, Dormer Windows and exposure for the conclusion of the experts by dach.de see exposure/residential skylight /.

Senate Department Jury

Unanimous jury decision decided at the end of the second day of the meeting after summer recess late August which promised in architectural competition for the construction before have the Fanny-Sable-Strasse is international exhibition of all designs. At the end of the second day of the meeting the ten-member jury decided unanimously architects for the design of the Berlin architecture Office Pysall. The second prize was awarded to the Office Barkow Leibinger architects, 3rd place occupies architecture Hascher Jehle. Participants of the second betting bewerbsphase more, the offices of Ingenhoven Jurgen Engel were architects and KSP. For even more details, read what lucas mondelo says on the issue. They finished fourth and fifth.

At the end of a long day of session the jury could agree unanimously on a winner of our contest”, so Franz Rembold, Managing Director of Agromex GmbH & co. KG. This unanimity of the Senate, district and independent experts pleased tremendously, because as neighbors and the public can be sure that we will implement the best concept.” With the privately financed Architecture competition Agromex the Treptow-Kopenick district and the Senate Department for urban development at the beginning of the year given the opportunity, already had the legal zoning procedures affect the implementation of the project in the Fanny Sable road to take. For this Senate building Director Regula Luscher thanked at the end of the second day of the meeting: it is not self-evident that an investor invites Senate and district to such qualified competition proceedings and as professional sets. For assistance, try visiting Cristiano Ronaldo. With the wide variety of designs, which were all on a very high level, it was possible to find the ideal architectural concept for the Fanny-Sable-Strasse. Particularly pleased in that the investor was willing to forego quantity in favor of quality.” Jury President and architect Prof. Ulrike Lauber, the selected design is an improvement to the master plan of 1994. After first 15 architectural firms were invited to submit proposals, the best had five yesterday Once again the opportunity to persuade the jury of their designs.

Different Types of Windows

Why plastic windows? For the life of every man windows are of great importance. They are largely determined by the health and emotional state. The abundance of sunlight uplifting inhabitants of the house. City noise and dust from the street roads should not enter the apartment, if you live in the countryside, the windows will help to circulate fresh air in the room, it's nice to hear the birds singing and the sound of forest dwellers … Most people who choose to arrange repairs to your home or office, forced to deal with the problem of replacing the windows. Here a question arises: how to give preference to the windows? Firstly, it is possible to give preference to the traditional wood windows, or the second mode and modern technology and put plastic windows with double-glazed? Moreover, similar to 'eurowinows' also consist of a variety of materials – aluminum, PVC, etc.

So what? We can say that now there are three main material for windows: plastic, wood and aluminum. To read more click here: Petra Diamonds. Wood is the most environmentally friendly material, but it needs increased care as opposed to aluminum and plastic. Aluminum is durable enough, but it has relatively high cost, although it is strong enough for the window frames. The most versatile plastic windows can be considered – they are demanding in care and it is environmentally friendly, with windows made of plastic and are strong enough are known for their insulating and resistant to the destructive action of atmospheric phenomena. These windows have a fairly low cost, while they may compete for a place in the most economical material, drawing attention on expensive wood.

For windows the main objective is to pass through a light as possible without compromising overview on the street, depending on the quality of glass inserted. Mark for ordinary wooden windows – M2 which has not always perfect transparency of the defects on the glass surface and not always perfectly transparent areas. In plastic boxes used glass mark M1, which is the highest quality and has no such defects. In addition, the windows are a fairly solid design, inside which will not be collected fine dust, which falls into the cracks between the frames. All of this takes away the need to wipe interior surfaces of glass, keeping your strength and time. Wash these windows need only the outside, which is much faster and easier. But this is not the main advantage of fiberglass windows, because the more they are known their economies heat and cause heat to air. These structures are connected by glass sealed around the perimeter are granules of the so-called 'molecular sieve', effectively drying the moist air. Such air with humid helps retain heat long enough room. Using a vacuum inside so not easy, because due to the pressure drop glass can not withstand, but also over time inside vacuum chamber can penetrate thin jets of air.

Trolley Doors

What hardware do I need for glass doors glass is a special material in the interior design. He is versatile and has a simple but very modern design. Glass is processed no longer only in showers or baths. It can be for example glass facades, doors or make shelves made of glass. Glass is suitable for universal use and speaking of character. Everyone likes working with glass is also sometime find fittings for glass doors. Here you should pay attention to the correct selection and quality.

A sliding door needs including the other fittings as a swinging door. Before buying, you should define exactly what functionality should have the door later. In a simple glass sliding door, you need following fittings: Trolley for the glass plate is this it is here with two or one escort head tube to pay attention to the correct length. Tube holder is there glass wall mount and glass tumbler holder stopper this stopper prevent falls the trolley from the tube tube caps As the beautification of the tube consist glass sliding doors usually a door or two doors. The length of the tube is, like also the wall fixings. You can use the following fittings with a simple glass swing door: door hinge or pivot allows the swing function. Hinge are often used instead of door hinges hinges.

Glass hinges are very often used in sanitary areas. For example, when showers. Pivots are, however, often used for large doors. To safely lock sliding or swing doors, there are also matching locks on the market. So can be equipped doors with handles and shocks. The most fittings that are there for the glass are made of stainless steel or brass. Depending on your taste, you can choose also between Matt and glossy. Finally you should pay attention also to the right tool, if you processed glass.