We are very happy to have them at home and in our Department. They truly did very much to this region and made us much lack to your friends. Six years passed so many and so many things that you are going to need a few good months of conversations with their relatives and friends to learn about them in detail. We will have opportunity to talk loosely of all events political, cultural, social and economic of that time period. In the meantime let me tell you that this land welcomes them with much joy and great expectations about the tasks to be undertaken from now, essentially at the level of the battle by the humanitarian agreement, and of course also in the level of regional policy, which already start to weave all sorts of opinions and projections about their future limelight. Their lives now are example of perseverance, endurance and value for many. Never anyone who would not have past a day in conditions that you crossed understood what this meant.

We, from the comfort of our homes or our streets, We were always making votes by his prompt release and for that Dios allowed their health put up with until we could see them again. We suffer with few tests of survival that we could see and look confident in the Lord. But just imagine the situation of you on a rainy night, sleeping on tables, under a piece of plastic black, almost buried in the mud, under our jungle thicket and the uncertainty of whether they amanecerian there or you would play them starting the March at dawn for another less risky camp, it seemed too much for a simple mortal. As more and more it would be for you that they lived in the flesh! Do you have now, as all expressed, the great challenge of continue at the forefront of the struggle for the liberation of the rest of the 3000 countrymen have (including hundreds of children) arrested inhumanly in our mountains. We doubt that they will do so with courage, with decorum, boldly and with intelligence.

Those remaining beyond are very hopeful on what you achieve this side. They are not alone. They have a large number of Colombians who, like the undersigned, are willing to support them and back them up on how much crusade undertaken. We will continue to insist on Colombian Government and insurgent forces from reaching an agreement in a way that allows us to see each and every free. We will continue going out to the street, showing us, marching, writing, providing what is within our reach and praying, until the goal is achieved. Do Meanwhile, Jorge Eduardo, Gloria, Orlando and Consuelo, to enjoy the wonderful things, many of them overall, which God has willed return them, in the company of their loved ones and friends, giving thanks to?L according to his mercy is new every morning.