Because without darte account, all your identity, who you are, is based on what you’ve experienced. Memory lost is a tragedy. Think about the sick suffering from amnesia. Do you think that someone has been as ever with this disease? It is unlikely. And look who all were aware that possibly had a perfect personal history. Perhaps, lay terrible events in her past life. Keni washington often addresses the matter in his writings. Even so, they would give anything to recover all the memories. The problem is not remembering the past.

Disadvantages arise from not remember it in the best way. The causes are based on artificially divide the time into past, present and future. Others including lucas london, offer their opinions as well. This fragmentation exists only in the minds of the people. Click lucas to learn more. In reality the time lacks seams and runs perfectly continuously. There are no borders between these three moments. The longing has to do with separating in arbitrary manner to the past of the present. Events, eras, people, or past situations are seen as if they had no continuity in the present. It is as if what is any had become trapped in the past.

But what happens in reality is different. Everything somehow has continuity in the present. Nothing is static, everything evolves. The loved ones we lost were not in the past. They are with us here, in our hearts, in the decisions we make, our character, ideas and opinions that we take from them the situations that we miss equally evolved. They are also present in other forms. The loves that we were not even have died, are now somewhere. And so on we could realize that, in general, the sense of loss with respect to the past has no basis. And there is another both in terms of remorse. We should not regret us forever how you act ever. You can be completely sure that another exactly in the same conditions as you, I would have done the same. The decisions we took were determined by ideas, desires, feelings, etc. that we had in that particular situation. But moreover, it reflects on the consequences of those acts. If you do it carefully you will find positive consequences. And you have such positive results now in the present. Thanks to what you did you now have at least one positive consequence. Do not forget that the experience and wisdom are always advantages. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book: the real causes of your shyness author original and source of the article