That is why, as the participant says Ana Martinez in the organizational environment will influence a number of external and internal factors which will have direct impact on the behavior of the individual, ie depending on the weather refers to the characteristics of working environment reflects an intervening variable that mediates between organizational system factors and individual behavior. In reality Venezuelan Venezuelan firms are indicating a range of features Martinez while they may stay in time differ from one organization to another depending on their organizational culture and leadership style exists.

On that basis it can be noted that while the Venezuelan company, especially its SMEs have given little importance to the study and understanding of the climate and organizational behavior contribute towards improving their efficiency and competitiveness, has handled difficult scenarios survive, even in these times of great changes and transformations. The objective of the organization to this situation is not being drawn or surprised by the turbulent economic environment, social and political Venezuelan, but safe set of performance measures to strategic planning involves a SWOT analysis on the basis of those variables that may affect their existing organizational climate and therefore the individual and group behavior of individuals. What management can do about Venezuela? Participants in the chair after thorough research and analysis of the effects, they say, they must strengthen their performance and knowledge to manage the consequences such as productivity, satisfaction, turnover and adjustments to the key dimensions that characterize an organization and that so expressed by Alvarez (1999) as: challenge, reward, identity, cooperation, relationships, responsibility, structure, conflicts, standards.