Socialism failed and no longer exists. Only half die by jumping to Cuba and North Korea, but for the Latin American left Havana remains the Vatican, and, like many Catholics, it can no longer observant but is equally overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Father Fidel. Written by Jorge Schaulsohn All religions have their sacred sites. Catholics to the Vatican, where the maximum is to see the Holy Father in his public audience on Wednesdays. Jews go to Mourn The Wall, the western wall of what was destroyed, the Temple of Jerusalem two thousand years ago. Caballero de Bronce, by Vasily Surikov
Inauguration of the Monument in honor of Peter the Great. Recorded by AKMelnikov based drawing APDavydov, 1782.
The equestrian statue of Peter the Great is the Senate Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Catherine the Great, a German princess married into the Romanov line, having no right to bequeath the throne, was eager to be associated with Peter the Great to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the people. For this reason, ordered Construction of the statue, and command it would be “Petro Primo Catharina Secunda MDCCLXXXII” in Latin and “”””””””””””””’, ”1782”in Russian, two phrases with a meaning “Catalina First Second Peter, 1782”, an expression of Catherine’s attitude toward his predecessor and the reviews that I had of herself in the lineage of the great Russian rulers.
Catalina kept correspondence with Denis Diderot, she who had recommended his friend Etienne Maurice Falconet, a French sculptor, as a candidate for the construction of the statue dedicated to Peter the Great. Empress followed the advice of Diderot and Falconet arrived in Russia in 1776 .
The construction of the statue began in 1775 with the corresponding melting and casting of bronze sculpture needed to perform a task that was overseen by Yemelyan Khailov. During the casting of the sculpture broke the mold on which the metal was poured, splashing around with molten bronze, a fact which caused a fire at the facility. All fled except Khailov workers, who risked his life to save the cast of bronze. is 12 years from 1770 until 1782 and twice making the process of pouring molten and able to complete the statue, including pedestal, and horse rider.
The face of the Czar, which gives identity to the Bronze Knight as Peter the Great, was made by Marie-Anne Collot, who at the time of very detailed work, was just 18 years old and was a student and Falconet Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. Collot made the trip to Russia with Falconet as an apprentice and makes its contribution to sculpture collecting information about the features of Peter the Great, from his death mask of the different portraits that could be found in Saint Petersburg. Thanks to the work in the face of the Knight of Bronze was won by Diderot in the nickname “Mademoiselle Victoire” (Senorita Victoria).
On August 9 1782, fourteen years after it began the excavation of the pedestal, the statue was discovered in a ceremony complete with thousands of guests. Absent Falconet, who was forced to leave Russia four years before the project was completed due to a misunderstanding with the empress became a major conflict. Catalina quickly forget it and started to see the Bronze Knight of work as their own.
The statue shows Peter the Great heroically sitting on his horse, with his outstretched arm pointing toward the Neva River in the west. The sculptor wanted to capture the exact moment in which his horse was standing on their hind legs on the edge of a spectacular cliff. You can see his horse trampling a serpent, which can represent the many evils or enemies who had to confront Peter and his reforms. The statue itself is about 6 meters (20 feet) tall, while the pedestal is another 7 m (25 feet) tall, for a total of approximately 13 m (45 feet) .

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