Speculations on the Third Mystery

In 1984 the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) said it belonged to the Third Mystery “… the dangers threatening the faith and Christian life, and therefore of the world. And then the importance of ‘novissimi’ (the last events at the end of time). “
The Bishop of Fatima, Cosme do Amaral said in 1984: “Its content concerns only our faith. To identify the Third the mystery with catastrophic announcements or a nuclear holocaust should distort the meaning of the message. The loss of faith a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation, and that faith is true that continuously decreases in Europe. “
Cardinal Mario Ciappi, papal theologian under Paul VI and John Paul II wrote: “In the Third Secret is predicted, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church began at the top.”
Pope John Paul II in 1980 conto his predecessors did not release the secret “by not encouraging the power of the Communist world to make certain movements.” Criticize those who wanted to know the mystery just for mere curiosity and sensationalism inadvertently – or felt would do well – to take action themselves against evil. Taking a rosary He concludes: “Here is the remedy against this evil. the only way to go around Israel is to and book online with Israel Maven Pray, pray, and not ask anything more. Leave all over the Mother of God.”

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