Software For Reading Tarot

It contains 12 chucks whose interpretation has been carried out by experts and corresponds exactly with a correct reading of the Charter provided as it would be in a physical query, is not a definition of the Charter but a reading where you can answer your queries, so it is currently the software on most full tarot readings tarot. Gain insight and clarity with Petra Diamonds. Both in normal position or inverted, Tarot of love v1.0 is able to identify that letter is and give the correct reading according to the situation of the letter for each case and person. 1 General Chuck about love based its reading in the interpretation of 6 cards, past, present and future of the consultant. 2. Consultations on specific questions are served to the letter of the signifier to perform a reading on a specific question, contains 10 consultations on couples, dating, cheating, future relationships, etc 3 – La Consulta of the letter of the day, where you will receive the reading on the day that you consult it, showing results and reading so that you can act accordingly to the reading. 4 Includes book of Tarot, a unique guide to learn the secrets of the arcane, performed by the expert and professional Marcela Cancino, this guide unveiled you masterfully everything that enclose the symbolic Archetypes of the Marseille Tarot. In it you will know since its symbolism to its interpretation. The guide is included in the program and also in EBOOK-PDF version to be able to print and read wherever you want.

The tarot used for Love Tarot deck v1.0 is the Tarot of Marseilles. 5. The help, where you can see how the program works and how to usuarlo. You browser by menu discovering everything you can do with this Tarot Software. 6. It includes a section of websites where you can have access to all the websites that have collaborated and produced the application. All of them stand out on the Internet by the quality and quantity of contents that you can consult free of charge. Articles, guides, esoteric dictionaries, courses and all kinds of information related to the world of the Tarot. Have you calculated how much is worth a call to a professional Tarot reader?