Run Windows

Great advances in terms of programmes, as we have seen lately have been generated programs that do not require installation and it is possible to make them operate from a drive CD or DVD even from USB sticks or some other type which is now possible with the operating system up to something because out of the common as always that you were using your operating system debias have it installed or reformatting and reinstalling and is something that is now possible change, in addition to which many technical or people who are engaged in repair of machines debian connect hard disk with operating system drives to perform a backup of information since the unit where such information is has damaged the operating system; for these and many more cases now I inform this. What you are about to see is the Windows XP operating system but modified to run it from a flash drive. It is ideal to gain access to computers in which the operating system doesn’t work, booteamos from the pendrive and we can access information of HDDs and save her. Was created with PE-Builder and only occupies a little over 150 megabytes, Therefore you will be able to install it even if you have a pendrive of just 256 megabytes..