Rock Around the Clock and the eruption of rock and roll

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In 1953, Haley had his first national success with a song of his co-authorship (with Marshall Lytle) called “Crazy Man, Crazy”, a phrase that Haley said oia tell your teen audience. “Crazy Man, Crazy” was the first rock and roll song to be televised by a national chain when it was used that year as the soundtrack of a TV show starring James Dean.
In early 1954, Haley join Joey Ambrose as tenor sax and shortly after leaving the label for the most important Essex Decca Records in New York. On April 12, 1954, at its first meeting for the new seal, accompanied by Danny Cedrone on electric guitar and drums in Billy Gussak (replacing Boccelli), Bill Haley and the Comets recorded “Rock Around the Clock.” This is the biggest success of Haley and one of the most important songs in the history of rock and roll. While his initial success was modest, it is estimated that 25 million copies sold according to the Guinness Book of records.
Initially, “Rock Around the Clock” was a modest success. In his time was more important was “Shake, Rattle and Roll”, recorded in early 1954, which sold a million copies in anticipation of the outbreak protagonizaria that the band the following year.
In late 1954, Haley recorded a new hit, “Dim, Dim The Lights.” These successes prompted some DJs, including Alan Freed, to rediscover and disseminate previous recordings of the band, including “Rock Around the Clock.”
The March 25 premiere of 1955 film Seed of evil ( “Blackboard Jungle,” whose translation is textual jungle Bulletin Board), in which Bill Haley and his Comets Rock Around the Clock interpreted as the first scene. The impact was massive throughout the country: the topic became N 1 on the U.S. charts and remained there for eight weeks. It was the first rock and roll song to do so.
Ambrose of acrobatic movements to play the saxophone and bass Lytle riding like a horse, were personal trademarks of the band in their live. In late 1954, Haley and the Comets appeared in a short film titled Round Up of Rhythm, playing three points. This is the first film of rock and roll.
In 1955, Lytle, Richards and Ambrose left the band due to a salary dispute and formed his own band, The Jodimars. Haley new contract to replace musicians: Rudy Pompilli on sax, Al Rex (who had been in the Saddlemen) on bass, and Ralph Jones on drums. Besides Franny Beecher, who had been the first guitar in the recordings became a permanent member of the band. This integration of the group became even more popular and is appearing in the movies that were filmed in those years.
Other hits from the Comets were “See You Later, Alligator,” “Do not Knock the Rock,” “Rock-a-Beatin ‘Boogie,” “Rudy’s Rock” (the first completely successful instrumental rock and roll) and ” Skinny Minnie. “
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