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In 1973, the first users of Arpanet, mostly professors and researchers, immediately realized how easy and fast which was sharing information, as well as communicate via e-mail. A little later, the military, then businesses and, finally, everyone could benefit from this technology via the Internet. ARPANET was a project of the programmes advanced (Advanced Research Projects Agency, ARPA) research agency of the United States Department of Defense which allowed interconnect early computers of different universities and research institutes and, therefore, can say that Arpanet was the origin of what we now know as the Internet. But, without any doubt, the event that most promoted use of the Internet was the appearance of the great Spider Web world WWW (World Wide Web), which was developed in 1989 by the British computer scientist Timothy Berners-Lee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN). The WWW allows Internet users to search and access a wealth of multimedia information (texts, images, sounds, animations and videos). Such information is stored on servers of web pages, that Internet users can access through programs called browsers, and browsers. Read more here: Crumpton Group, Washington DC. If you liked this article and want to include it on your website, you can do so, provided you cite and source at to find out more, visit the Carlos Pes basic computer course. Original author and source of the article. .