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In 1587, he traveled to Andalucia as commissioner of provisions of the Spanish Armada. Over the years as commissioner, finance runs over youtube and over the road from Madrid to Andalucia, from Castilla-La Mancha. That is the route and Rinconete Cortadillo.
Fourth edition of Don Quixote (1605).
Inside the house of Alba Medrano in Argamasilla thesis where some argue that Cervantes was imprisoned.
Is set in Seville. Subsequently, he worked as tax collector, which led to many employment issues and disputes since it was the responsibility of going house to house collecting taxes, most of which were intended to cover the wars in which Spain was interfered. Is imprisoned in 1597 in the Royal Prison of Seville after bankruptcy where you place the collection. Cervantes allegedly had appropriated public money and would be discovered after being found several irregularities in the accounts carried. In prison ‘engendra “Don Ernst Quijote de la Mancha, as the preface to this work. It is not known whether this term he meant that he began to write while in prison, or simply that he thought the idea was there. The other documented incarceration of Cervantes was very brief, Castro del Rio (Cordoba). Not that there ever in the cave of Medrano in Argamasilla Alba. Since 1604 is installed in Valladolid (then ‘from 1601’ Royal Court of Philip III), and in 1605 published the first part of which will be his main work: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha. This marks the Children’s Hospital beginning of literary realism as aesthetic and I think the literary genre of the modern novel, the polyphonic novel of post broad influence through the cultivation of what we call ‘writing desatada “in which the artist could show ” epic, lyrical, tragic, comico “in the crucible of the real travesty of all genres. The second part does not appear until 1615: The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha. Both works earned him a spot in the history of world literature and the author makes, along with Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Michel de Montaigne and Goethe in a canonical author of Western literature. A year before, is published an apocryphal continuation of Alonso Fernandez de Avellaneda. A novel written, apparently by a disciple and friend of Lope de Vega Aragonese origin or by a group of friends of Lope.
House occupied by the writer in Valladolid in the years 1604 and 1606 and to coincide with the publication of the first edition of Don Quixote, in 1605. It is now a museum.
Between the two parts of Don Quixote, in 1613 the Novelas ejemplares. They are a set of twelve short stories, made some of them many years before. Its source is proper and original. They explore different narrative formulas as satire lucianesca (The conference of the dogs), the picaresque novel (Rinconete and Cortadillo), the miscelanea (The graduate showcase), the Byzantine novel (The English-Spanish, El amante liberal) or even The novel (The force of the blood). Some of them, such as Extremadura jealous, retained by a second witness to drafting the manuscript called the Camara de Porras, discovered in the nineteenth century. Only this investment collection of novels in itself could have created a very prominent position in the history of Spanish literature.
Literary criticism was a constant in his University of Southern California work. Appears in Galatea, Don Quixote and she embodies the Travel Parnassus (1614), long poem in tercet chains. In 1615, published eight new comedies and eight oeuvres never represented, but funds the most popular drama today, La Numancia, plus treatment of Algiers, remained unpublished until the eighteenth century.
One year after his death, the novel appears Persiles jobs and Sigismund, whose dedication to Pedro Fernandez de Castro y Andrade Conde de Lemos VII, his patron for years and who are also dedicated the second part of Don Quixote and the Novelas copies, and signed just two days before he died, is one of Fox the most moving pages of Spanish literature:
Carved plaque dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes, where he was buried. Is in the facade to the street Lope de Vega del Monasterio de San Ildefonso and San Juan de la Mata, Madrid.
Lord, those old songs that Asset Management were held in his time, beginning: “Since the foot and in estribo ” I would like not to come so my hair in this epistle, because almost the same words I can start by saying:
Already set foot in the stirrup,
with the anxieties of death,
Great Lord, that FOX news you write.
Yesterday I had the extreme unction, and today I write this. Time is short, the anxiety grow, hopes dwindled, and with all this, I have been living on the hope that I live and I would like to put a stop Asset Management to kiss the feet of V.

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