Students of Agronomy represent world gym the UACh Competing Outdoor “Columbia Challenge” Daniela Bustos and Ricardo Bonert lasts two years of the career of Agronomy at the Universidad Austral de cardio workout Chile, but fittness for them this year has meant a double challenge. With his usual academic responsibilities have had to fitness over 40 devote part of their free time to prepare physically and mentally to compete in what has become his new passion, adventure racing. Every month home exercise Daniela and Ricardo test their preparation and are stretched to the limit of their capabilities in careers that combine trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. They are competitors exercise program in the category against twenty-one pair amateur teams, all from the central area within races that last 14 hours. gold’s gym What weider fitness led exercise programs them to engage in a sport so new in our country and demanding kickboxing fitness both find a personal trainer ‘Ricardo pointed which is a blend of weight loss programs his passion for the sport and his love of personal trainers nature. At first thought it would be difficult to practice gym membership because of the complexity involved in the navigation route, but Felipe Baeza met, a student of biochemistry at UACh who had participated last year in these sportstudio skills with Soraya Jadue. get in shape “he told me his experience, he was looking for people to form a team, gym memberships the two met Daniel and how the idea of arming. We get sponsorships and sponsorships and finally decided to run the eight rounds of the championship”. But competing fourteen hours uninterrupted requires constant training and a strong will. “We went from five health club membership to six times a week to train. abs exercise Trotted always here, we’re in a kayak in the river and we will do the mountain bike Oncol” says Ricardo. Regarding the time they give and their compatibility with the studios, says: “We try to organize. get as a present for your friend! will get your curves the right look We have always fed the two sports, so it was not so difficult.