Social networks are taking off big with sites like Facebook and Twitter among first five social networking sites. These sites have created new opportunities for reaching people online, including the market, if you know how to do it correctly. One thing that you can be sure is that people who enjoy these sites is the way in which helps them to define their own identity. Well, marketing to anything that helps them to say who they are, what groups they belong, and what values which defend is a great way to build your list of contacts, and even in some cases, the promotion of products which will be of interest for this demographic group. Look at me! One way that Facebook and Twitter allow you customize the profile is the use of your real name, or in the case of Twitter, a screen name. This draws attention to who he is that person and helps boost your self-image. Similarly, if you are trying to sell mugs and calendars, if there is any way that you can include customization to make the article more personalized, more orders are generated.

Everyone likes to see their name in print! Generate a group of identity in Facebook, you can create a Facebook page for celebrities, companies and products. People then join these pages to become a group of fans that like the page or topic. Once you have a group of people, it can be a great way to get an identity group, as well as through the creation of interesting names to the public, which has interactive activities at occasions and the creation of social badges that show the people as a member of that group. This helps in the promotion of your group and your business as other people go to other social networking sites. They can then be identified to say that it is a member of that group or with some other form of plate or a button that you provide to identify themselves with pride.

Even if never go elsewhere to promote his group, the fact that are part of a group that initiated gives an audience It captivates and relaxes many of the restrictions that have for marketing on Facebook. Spam cannot be to others in their profiles with their offers, but in a group practice may be more acceptable if it contributes to facilitate group activities and maintain the standards of group identity. Social values that sell if you are a non-profit organization, trying to use social networks to help generate leads and promote some of their products, can sell through the promotion of their social values. For example, if you are a non-profit which believes in environmental issues, they can promote certain items in its product line, in a message on a wall of group, showing how this topic help to save the environment. Since people may not bond to a site of social consciousness group, without having some of the same values, which provides an excellent trigger to generate buying behavior.