Paz Coaching

Coaching is fashionable. A great opportunity? Yes: techniques very useful and highly tuned they are available to all. A great trap? You can that also: Learn about tools to favour the change does not mean that we can immediately handle all the mysteries of existence with ease and consistency. This is very obvious, however, in a world in which we can have at once 5 of the computer open Windows while we chatted to the mobile phone and chat by mail, evaporates easily the Paz-ciencia value and the desire to forge, month to month, knowledge in a progressive way of Thomas’s consciousness. What is Coaching? It is a personalized and confidential process in which the / Coach, thanks to a valuable set of tools and, in our view, to a deep and continued personal development work guide customer to remember its fundamental direction in life, its objectives, to overcome barriers and limitations is an exciting area of exploration which thanks to the skillful compass of the Coach at new paths, and manages to generate a connection bridge between where It is now a person and where you really want to be. The ability to generate an essential encounter that makes possible the transformation of the customer depends in large part from the level of interior silence, alignment, presence and coherence of the Coach. Coaching for me is an art whose seed is planted in an initial course and goes slowly germinating.

Art, like poetry or a caress, might be depauperado by an excess of demanding efficiency. Let us enjoy leisurely learning each day and focus more on what we have achieved and not so much that we lack. We use techniques not only did was to apply to the other if not as a deep personal inward work with muchiiiisima via humility. We can not expand peace until we don’t find peace in our own heart. We have applied this reality to the Coaching, but it can be applied to any area of personal growth, already here not is is deepened so much that but above the as and from where you learn: If this forms you or you deformas. The answer is intimate and personal, requires a bit of stillness and silence.

There is nothing like watching an expert to exercise his art. When you see the gymnasts doing so beautiful and aesthetic movements it seems to easy. The substance of this apparent ease lies in the number of hours of training behind. Sometimes, an experienced, with three questions or seemingly silly frames and sencillotes Coach, arrives to get truly resounding and lasting changes. These beautiful movements are an art, a sublime liquor distilled during long time of experience, from affection, without compulsion, to simmer. Anyone can implement you the taste of a Gran Reserva Coach because the barrel is you. Enjoys working in the silence of your winery and leave you a little time to enjoy and, slowly, step by step, your initial conscious incompetence that God wants to have it if you start becomes unconscious competition and already is an art that runs through you the veins.