Origin, history and evolution

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Joseph Pilates was a sickly child, which led him to study the human body and how to strengthen it through exercise. In this way, over time became a great athlete. It was in England where they begin to develop their method to be interned during the First World War, because of their German nationality in a concentration camp. Working as a nurse, developed a methodology to improve the health of other inmates through the exercise. For the weak and sick beds on a level system of pulleys and ropes to exercise the muscles, which was the origin of some of the subsequent machines designed by (reformer, trapeze, chair and barrel). Develop over time a large number of exercises to be performed on them, as well as others to be charged simply on the floor on a mat.
In 1923 he moved to the United States and amount in Manhattan with his wife Clara, a studio to teach his method. It quickly became popular with dancers and choreographers, whose injuries from the intensive training required them to spend long periods of inactivity and recovery.
He wrote two books. In the first Your Health: A Corrective exercise that revolutionized the field of physical education (Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising That revolutionize the Entire Field of Physical Education), 1934, outlining his theories and philosophy about health, hygiene and physical exercise. The second, workout back to life through the contrologia (Return to Life through Contrology) of 1945, is a practical manual with 34 basic exercises, to test their potential clients at home, without the need for appliances that method really worked.
After his death in 1967, his wife ball Clara took over the studio until his death ten years later, but during that time was led by one of the students of Joseph, Romana Kryzanowska. Pilates teachers do not explicitly their method, but several students opened their centers to teach and practice the first two, Lolita San Miguel and Kathy Grant was officially certified by, under the auspices of the University of New York, to teach. Along with Ron Fletcher, who founded a studio in Beverly Hills in 1970 that would be the origin of the method of recognition among Hollywood actors, and the psychoanalyst Mary Bowen, who opened his studio in 1975, are called ‘higher’ (The Elder ), the organization they belong, the Pilates Method Alliance. The term refers to those who studied directly with Pilates. Elders are also considered, although not belonging to this organization, and Romana Kryzanowska Mary Pilates, niece of Joseph Pilates.
Other faculty, students direct Pilates or second generation, who have contributed to the expansion of the method around the world are, for example, the dancer Eve Gentry, already in the early sixties the method taught at the University of New York and later opened his own studio in Santa Fe, the method New Mexico, the dancer Bruce King, who opened a studio in New York in the mid-seventies and Carola Trier, the only one of the students opened a Pilates studio in life and with this approval.
Over the years, Pilates has evolved, creating new machines, devices and forms of support, although the substance is maintained in all of them. We have exercises created systems that combine the original pilates with different disciplines, such as yogalates, created by Louise Solomon, which blends yoga with pilates, the yogilates with chi or pilates, andalusia method that incorporates the concept of qi (chi) or vital energy, characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine.
Also some original points could be considered commodities have been modified. For example, over the years in which the back on the floor, Pilates stated that it should fitness be flat in total contact with the ground, while today it is considered that it is appropriate to respect their natural curvature, lordosis lumbar. He has also changed the position of elbows and knees, the recommended way to block stretch, something that currently is not.
However, the essential philosophy of the method weight loss is increasingly influential in all sorts of sports and training and many athletes, dancers and coaches to incorporate its principles into their training but not strictly follow the method. I have seen such amazing results for my health after I started exercising with the designed by In fact, Pilates stated that these principles should underpin all our daily activities until they turned into a natural and unconscious.
One of the problems with the expansion of pilates is to find good teachers who can certify their knowledge of the method. Types of yoga. Rishikesh and Tanumanasi Series. Basic styles of yoga, hatha, kundalini. Number of types of yoga asana postures advanced exercises.
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