Options Cdex

CDex is one of the programs designed so you can make your own music library in MP3 format. The audio quality is essential to enjoy the best melodies and that your sound warehouse will be the envy of your friends. For this, it is necessary to know some of the most important settings for the use of the application: first thing you have to do is enter options, configuration of CDex. Then, a window with a feature tree to the left of the interface where you can modify the alternatives will be displayed. imgplatafor/ordinaryExtra/2133/1/cdexa1.png/img options that you will find are: General: from here you can change the place of storage of the temporary folders by modifying the default route. imgplatafor/ordinaryExtra/2133/1/cdexa2.png/img in the CD-ROM drive: Here you will see options on the operation of the hardware.

Encoder: in this section modificaras the priority of the task of codification. imgplatafor/ordinaryExtra/2133/1/cdexa3.png/img these are the most important options that you will need to take into account when properly configure the CDex. Much of the applications offered users shortcuts to perform common actions by assigning different keys or combinations of these, which allows the user to optimize your time. CDex offers very useful paths for powering various utilities program. Then be able to view a list of routes of keyboard and their corresponding function: CTRL + a: select all tracks.