Mexican Villiages

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-degree in law and journalist by law, Jorge Ignacio Villegas Nunez has achieved in 50 years what few: maintain its prestige of journalist unharmed. Distant days in that book in hand could traverse the Monterrey of the years 1950s and his first steps in the drafting of the newspaper El Porvenir, Villegas has been chronicler of life through his column our things that publishes every day, even when on vacation or has stepped on a hospital. Observer and careful critic of politics and its actors in the column letter A, the journalist writes daily winning readers and respect for who writes or who says this or that error. Daily reading of his columns is required. Big is the legion of journalists and communication professionals who owe the Council support to achieve a remunerative employment, scholarship, the study tour, the computer which by themselves would never have, the favorite book, magazine with this or that article, the course of English the shoulder tears where unrewarding profession. It has been able to handle the influence with diligence, with rebound in the professional in budding, the young man with dreams of handling a Publisher and the student hungry to see the world. The Chronicle of many journalist in the count of its beginnings will have to include gratitude, in greater or lesser extent, to the Council and the support of Jorge Villegas. BOOKS, books and more books which it writes, owes its beginnings to the job opportunity that Jorge Villegas gave me.

In March 1980, at the age of 16, I started as a waiter at his home in the Hacienda El Rosario. Washing Windows, painted pots, he cleaned acrylics unattainable, doing errands, he watered the garden until I got to clean the library. And there I estanque me. It came the day of payment and I told him that he would pay me only half.