Method Project

The assessment is it convenient that she requires no great effort and no time. The defect is not high accuracy, which would be helpful in the more detailed assessment. The valuation method “from bottom to top” the assessment “from the bottom-up methodology is necessary for the performance of the basic price of the project or the final value approach of the project. The title of the method reflects a way of calculating the value approach – the method foresees the review of expenses on the detailed level of the project and then the sum of expenses on the higher levels of generalization for getting the valuation (of the cost plan) of the entire project. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Xcel Energy. The advantage of this method is in the accuracy of the received results, which depends on the level of detail when assessing the efforts on the lower level of consideration. Mathematical statistics, it is known that more details in the preview are added, the accuracy of the assessment is the higher. The disadvantage of this method is that the costs of the resources and the time for the execution of the detailed assessment is much higher.

The valuation method “Analog according to which” the method of assessing “According to the analog” is one of the method of evaluation “from top to bottom”. Its essence is that the actual data on the value of the previously fulfilled projects be used for predicting the value of the valuated project. This method is the idea that all projects are similar to each other a little. If the similarity between the project analog and the assessed project is large, so the results of the evaluation can be very accurate, the review is running otherwise wrong. The methods of the parametric reviews the methods of the parametric evaluations are similar to the method of assessing “according to the analog” and are also a form of “top-down” method. Their accuracy is the accuracy of the method of the reviews “according to the analog”.

The process of assessment after the parameter is in the whereabouts of such parameters of the project, which change the proportional change in the value of the Project draws. Mathematically, the parametric model based on one or more parameters will be built. After the introduction of the meanings of the parameters in the model as a result of the calculations, you can get the evaluation of the project. If you want that your business is successful, click on the link and read additional information on indicators values design.