Manage Brazil

The first time that I wrote this article, my vision was established in the reality of the companies of software of Brazil and expericias that I had when I worked in this market. However after having mulberry it are of the country, studied and worked in companies of technology of the oceania and mainly to be carrying through academic studies the level of mestrado focado in management of YOU and projects of software development, I could have a vision well more including on the subject ' ' Management of Projetos' '. Being thus I decided to revise this article to pass a little of my experience and knowledge. We can nowadays see an one great crisis in the area of development of software in Brazil and the world. This already is not newness for nobody, is enough you to search in the Internet and soon it will find diverse statisticians who prove the subject. In Brazil average 35% of the software projects is cancelled before being concluded; 58% of the software projects more than exceed the half of the estimate of cost and only 10% of the projects, in great companies, are deliver in the planned time and budget. Another one I number preoccupying is that the Brazilian companies already had more than lost 20% of the projects for foreign companies.

Let us say that the guilty greater of this is the proper companies of YOU that they do not resist the pressures of the customers, they are external or internal, and finishes assuming estimates impossible to fulfill, to only please the customer. Many projects also retrocede when the desenvolvedor does not have ability and vende its product as if had. Or then it is competent but he does not support the pressure of the customer. Many times the company of YOU possesss an excellent team of sales, however its team technique is not competent the sufficient or possesss relationship problems.