Launch and promotion

The discovery of the first plastic in the U.S. occurred in 1860 when a company that produced billiard balls, with the decline in the production of ivory and its high cost offered a prize of U.S. 10,000 to S to find a substance acceptable to replace it. So the inventor, discovered and patented celluloid, the first plastic known in the world. Without the appearance of this precious material has not been possible to film the birth of a glorious end of that century. This discovery was followed over time and in increasingly rapid others. The original version Come on Over was released in North America on November 4, 1998, while the international version was released over two years later, on November 23, 1999.
In the United Kingdom, the original version was launched on March 2, 1998, while in the rest of Europe in February of that year. The international launch more than a year later, on May 24, 1999 .
Before the official launch of the album, publicist John G of Mercury Records, he predicted it would not be easy to overcome the success of The Woman in Me, but stressed that the quality of Come on Over was higher than that of its predecessor and that this probably would be more successful. To accomplish this is to increase advertising Mercury Records Come on Over, Luke Lewis, the then president of the company, commented:
The last time we sold many records with eight singles, but they are indicators that there are fewer people listening to country music radio. Regardless of the success that we get on the radio, intensify our efforts in terms of advertising and be a little more aggressive in buying the media, both in print and on the distribution of all parts of the project .. .
Luke Lewis, Billboard, October 18, 1997 .
However, G said that its strategy of marketing and advertising was not unusual because according to him, all you had to do was to inform the public about the existence of reactionary and this album immediately. He also added that it intended to Come Over compete on an album of pop music, from the work of other artists such as Celine Dion .
Twain was also present in numerous television programs, interpreting the songs of Come on Over, and gave many interviews to various media. Also with the aim of promoting and boosting the sales of recorded material, Twain made his first concert tour in 1998 and 1999.