Kyoto Fenosa

The study shows that a more efficient use of energy in Spanish households would save 9,28% of the energy that is used, which means 1,646 million euros a year. Despite the fact that the potential savings remain high, consumers have only improved their energy habits by 1% compared to the previous study, conducted in 2005. This latest study, conducted for the whole country, both autonomies reflects a slight evolution in the domestic sector which, little by little, tends to be more efficient. But consumers fails when it comes to the maintenance of different appliances and installations that consume energy in the home. Consumers are conscious, but not yet sufficiently committed. 82% Of those who participated in the index of energy efficiency in the 2007 home says to be very or fairly concerned about climate change and sustainable development issues. A greater concern involves an improvement in energy efficiency, He says the study of Union Fenosa. The index has been made with a sample of 3,800 interviews with those responsible for household chores.

When analyzing national data will have weighted the results respecting the distribution of households by autonomous community and population size. A tree for participating one of the projects that has launched Union Fenosa is the He is a novel initiative by which every two persons who complete this web page (, the questionnaire of the index of energy efficiency in the home, a tree is planted in the virtual world of social interaction Second Life. For each index that is completed, Union Fenosa will donate one euro to Accionatura. It’s a Spanish NGO dedicated to the protection and improvement of the natural ecosystems that later reforestara the Atlantic forest of Brazil with the objective of reducing the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere. This initiative is registered in the sustainable Europe campaign, designed by the Directorate-General for transport and energy of the European Commission and under the intelligent energy for Europe programme. Union Fenosa has registered another activity in this program.

It consists, in collaboration with Philips, in promoting the use of low consumption lamps. Both companies have launched a campaign at 103 commercial centres scattered throughout the Spanish geography, by which to buy two bulbs low consumption Philips Union Fenosa brings a third. Energy efficiency is the first exercise of the company’s corporate responsibility.