Kalahari Desert

Authorities of the capital are trying to take measures to combat the threat of junk, now the townspeople offered to sort waste in order to facilitate subsequent recycling. Last year, Beijing began to work the first power station in the trash – its power can burn 1,6 thousand tons of waste daily. Heavy fines imposed in Beijing and for unauthorized release of debris. Because of the poor quality of water and attendant disease kills about 3 million people in the third un report 'Water in a Changing World', which was presented Thursday at the headquarters un in New York says that diseases related to poor water, poor quality of care each year lead to the premature death of about three million people in developing countries. As noted in document, access to basic water services, in particular, to drinking water and sanitation remains limited in most developing countries. Experts emphasize that access to clean water and adequate sanitation are one of the most effective ways to improve public health. Almost one-tenth of the total number of diseases could be prevented by improving water, sanitation, hygiene, water management resources. The report also notes that out of their homes and become refugees due to factors associated with lack of water, can of 24 million to 700 million people. As the report notes, the ratio between water and migration – two-way process: the lack of water leads to migration, and migration, in turn, contributes to water stress. By the way, the elephants in South Africa's Kalahari Desert have already learned how to produce clean water, even from polluted water.