Internet Public

Madrid, for May 2008, – this catalog presents a compilation of innovative projects that different local administrations, institutions and companies in the region of Madrid contributed to its disclosure between administrations and enterprises of the community of Madrid. The 50 projects presented offer a varied representation of collaborative opportunities that are open to administrations and businesses around Internet. He was held on the occasion of the II meeting Internet of Madrid: innovation company and public administration within the activities planned for the day of Internet 2008. We are confident that this publication, novel in Spain for its content and objectives, will open a framework for reflection and learning for administrations and enterprises in the fascinating evolution and challenge that represents innovation, providing them the opportunity to understand the benefits that, cooperation and collaboration for better and more effective application to public services and the management internal, you can offer them. Directive Soft selflessly provides their professional and business knowledge with the aim of disseminating the correct use of the opportunities offered by the information society to the public administrations and the business fabric. To access this catalog, enter to..