Human resources for

Human resources for other uses, see Human Resources (film). In business management, human resources is called to work transferring all of the employees or associates of that organization. But more often call it the function that handles select, recruit, train, employ and retain employees of the organization. These tasks are can play a specific person or department (HR professionals) along with the directors of the organization. The basic objective pursued by the function of Human Resources (HR) with these tasks is to align HR policies with organizational strategy, which will implement the strategy through people. Usually the HR function consists of areas such as recruitment and selection, hiring, training, staff induction and retention in the company.Depending on the company or institution where the HR function operates, there may be other groups that perform different responsibilities that may be related to issues such as payroll administration employee, managing relations with trade unions, etc.. To implement the strategy of the organization is essential to human resource management, for which it should consider concepts such as organizational communication, leadership, teamwork, negotiation and organizational culture.