Hipo – Tormentoscopio

The fact discover new groups through models is a pleasure, especially if you are following this model topics as good as the group offers pacense Hipo in its second shipment under this format, with the title: Tormentoscopio.

Hipo has been chosen by the festival as a group revelation of 2008, ahead of others like Klaus Kinski and or Band Apart. The prize of the festival comes after a 2007 in which they were finalists in the same event and I Contest models of Lemonpop; besides winning the first contest models of Bangkok. A group that has not missed opportunities that the competitions give the novel, if only to expand the scope and number of followers.

Behind the group is Emiliano Fernandez (also in Drawer of Sastre), head thinking and driver of Hipo since in 2002 recorded a demo at home. It was escorted from 2006, when it really starts Hipo, Naomi Castle, Payer and Joaquin Rodrigo Gomez.

There are only five songs but turned into genuine pearls kept in a small mini CD (the design is impeccable) that grow from simplicity. It is a remembrance indie pop mist, a lo-fi that Sebadoh played in some clubs. Hipo rather prefer tranquillity rather than power, but after a while is an attractive instrumental in the hands of the guitars, they would have to operate more in future references. The approach to names from abroad as Trembling Blue Stars and their airtight pop can be seen in a red line, next to the former The Good Life, and now after Ama swimmer (not counting his latest experiment e). This issue, among many fine tap and whisper in the darkness of the voice of Emiliano Fernandez, grows when the end comes, more crude and distorted.

The before and after going through the same line, almost intelligible voice, paused and beautiful. Cajon, Sastre remains in the small bubble created by the guitars, and Negotiating with appearance of a rise after a sustained riff throughout the song and the vocal duet with Naomi Castle.

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