The nervous system follows the basic annelid plan. It consists of a mass cerebroide supraesofagica with a collar which periesofagico part ventral nerve chain, formed by a two longitudinal cords connected by transverse commissures and a pair of nodes in each segment (dineuro nervous system). There are lots of fitness programs available but gives you look that you always desired. The anfinomidos possess a nervous system tetraneuro four longitudinal cords, is supposed to be the most primitive and that the drift of the system dineuro typical.
Sensory organs are well developed in polychaetes. There are many touch organs (palps, antennae, cirrus, etc.). And a variety of photoreceptor organs, ranging from simple eye spots to photoreceptor cells in the epidermis, through foseta eyes or camera lens, vitreous humor even to compound eyes made up of the reunion of many simple eyes separated by pigment cells. Eating right and using will help you meet your fitness goals quickly. You may also estatocistos (organ of balance) organs and nape, chemoreceptors in the discrimination of food. In addition, polychaetes respond to sound stimuli, changes in oxygen tension, pH, heat and various substances.
In the brain and ventral ganglia Neurosecretory cells of endocrine function, which secrete neurohormonas regulating reproduction, the secondary sexual characters and regeneration.

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