Greek Government

Science fiction is a genre which combines different elements which create a not true reality which this structured in a format aimed at a particular audience interesting history, one of the points that more interesting in this genre is when mixed with different physical environments (actual or historical facts) which causes that the stories seem more real and convincingthe different modalities of promotion of different projects include series, movies, cartoons, books, etc. There are many examples in which different movies, cartoons or books have helped that a particular destination has a great tourism demand as for example the case of the book and film the Da Vinci Code which caused that many destinations in Europe such as France for example see suddenly a large increase of visits to its various religious destinations. The cartoon also there are much helped promote different destinations for example series Knights of the Zodiac or its another version entitled Lost Canvas to fact that thousands of people are interested in culture and mythology, even there are versions in which it is said that the Greek Government will finance development series (little credibility version) however to analyze the positive impact caused it might be to raise doubts about the veracity of this version. You may find keni washington to be a useful source of information. We also have the case of the animated movie titled the follies of the emperor which mentions many sights of Peru (especially in Cuzco). As we can see it is very interesting to see the positive impact that each of these projects causes a particular destination. Now the question is if a Government know how to conduct a particular film or series (which will be developed in its territory or close to it) should support this project? at the moment we do not know the answer only time will tell the true relationship cost-benefit of various projects..