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What rights and obligations does a way of Management Advisory Board? What about liability? What is a way of Management Advisory Board in a community of homeowners? Who buys a condo for the first time, may be surprised by the scope of the statutory provisions. Longtime homeowners know that the initially confusing acting targets have a good reason: rules of living together in community and minimize disputes. The administrator is an important contact for all. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dirk Kuyt. He translates what decides the community and carries out their orders. Communication works well, all legal requirements are observed and a control which the community can make a management advisory board administrator to the page, which consists of selected stakeholders and advises the Administrator supports.

In Germany, there are more than 250,000 councils. One is often between effort and commitment of this voluntary activity and the sometimes rather high liability risks significant discrepancy. Management advisory committees are simple co-owner”and often surprisingly come to her Office. Some ask then: what tasks, rights and obligations associated with the Office of a path – Management Advisory Board? What is to do? Who is voluntarily working without pay, will surely enter no liability risk? Who carries the thoughts, this task to take over should know the following: The management of shared ownership is the flat owners, the administrators and the Management Advisory Board, if it is ordered ( 20 para 1 way). The homeowners decide on the Administration, the administrator is responsible for the implementation of the management, and the Management Advisory Board supports the managers in carrying out its tasks. In addition the law special tasks assigns it, namely the examination of the business plan, the annual statement of accounts, accounting and the cost estimates. Before the decision on this, he is to the Management Advisory Board to Homeowners in the Assembly also orally or in writing give an appropriate opinion ( 29 ABS. 2 and 3).

In any particular case more tasks, the Advisory Board can be transmitted through majority decision-making as far as these tasks generally accepted management correspond to and thereby own rights and obligations of the owner and the administrator does not affect, restrict or lifted are. The Management Advisory Board will be elected by the Assembly of the homeowners or ordered. It is composed of three apartment owners, of which one acting as Chairman and the other two as associate members. The Hale house management has extra created for management councils a website: way here you will find extensive information for management councils and homeowners