Fresh Blood For Eichenzell – Fischer Mayoral Candidate

With the new candidate for the post of Mayor Dirk Fischer applies for a young, innovative and technology-friendly candidate for the highest office of the municipality. Besides the issue of offensive site development using modern technologies of processing its interests are primarily also in social and family policy, the development of sport and culture and building a social and just society. As a true “son” of the city, was born in 1971 in Fulda and raised in Oak Zell, a father has three children and citizens of Eichenzell Dirk Fischer early in his life dedicated to the public duties of the municipality. Whether sports club, church or volunteer fire brigade, Dirk Fischer has passed through all stations Eichenzell the charitable work of the community. With Dirk Fischer also promises a candidate selected for your interests in City Hall are the highest, which in earnest with the issues of job security, support of families and the raising of quality of life, culture,Sports and social standards in our community. It has remained Dirk Fischer as a man on the earth. Its origins are not withdrawn in the interests of neo-liberal, so-called civic leaders with simultaneous Aufsichtratsposten in big business. Rather we have here a friend and supporter of the medium-sized industrial and craft, the opportunity, security and prosperity in the development of local production and jobs and not regard an unscrupulous, internationally operating financial imperialism. Institutionally, there Dirk Fischer not to support, joy and understanding of innovative ideas for Internet and new technologies. In order to choose with Dirk Fischer equally conservative Social Democratic politics as well as the new and innovative departure for a better, more socially just society. Dirk Fischer is not only an aspirant for selectable Socialists, but exactly the ideal candidate for traditionally conservative, liberal, green and left-wing voters. A man ofPeople with a profile, ideas and assertiveness, born from the womb of the community and son of the region, whose heart beats here in Eichenzell for entrepreneurs and workers’ interests.