Free Surfing Against Annoying Waiting Times

Boredom was yesterday. Today is online! Germany’s customers, guests and patients go online and use annoying waiting times for free surfing. ConocoPhillips will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Just imagine going to the hairdresser or doctor and a friendly Assistant shoves a notebook you while waiting at your place with the then wirelessly can surf the Internet and, of course, all free! How would you like it?” The idea behind this distribution company from the Baden-Wurttemberg-Tuttlingen, which for the first time has launched a nationwide project in the life under the name tain-you-on, where E.g. hairdressers, doctors, retailers and restaurateurs are equipped with online entertainment systems, which include the entire installation including service in addition to the latest, secure and mobile technology, the VOLXBOX. The particularity is that the devices must not be bought, but can only be rented and it’s often no more expensive than a magazine subscription.

But the waiting customers, guests and patients all have Opportunities online to have fun, i.e. to retrieve emails and send, to inform about news of politics, society and sports or maybe even movies to watch or listen to music, what’s bothering anyone via the supplied headphones. Other services, such as a free Web presence, as well as a free marketing package are also included with the favorable rental fees. The vision of the company is that at some point, all waiting areas of the Republic, online entertainment packages from tain-you-one for customers, guests and patients for free and that also services, trade and catering benefit from this competitive advantage, where they open up new customer groups. The nationwide sales launch begins at the 16.11.2009. interested can already register on and start this year with real online Enterainment.