As a result, the student can receive educational information from different sources. In addition, this form allows you to learn from disabled people, experiencing various difficulties in moving or in the process of learning the material. Provide an opportunity to receive a full education for people with hearing loss or with defects of the locomotor apparatus. The distinguishing feature of distance learning project "Remote Coach" is a unique learning environment Moodle, which consists of several elements: Flexibility: students work in a comfortable mode, the possibility of combining work and study Modularity: study program is formed from the independent course modules Cost: distance learning is more accessible than the traditional (by 50-70% cheaper). Teaching, curatorial support: smooth communication between the listener teacher, coordinating the educational process, the adjustment of the course, drawing up an individual plan. Monitoring the quality of education: the provision of reports and analytical reports on the performance, control tasks, Final certification. – What's in the range of tasks in the project "Remote tutor? – Marking five points.

First, direct organizing and conducting intensive remote training high school students and school graduates to a single public examination of all school subjects. Secondly, conducting test and training based testing kim use on any subjects. Third – this development and support information and educational resources preparing for cse (maintaining a virtual forum, the organization of consultations on-line for students and teachers, the formation and development of electronic library of educational and networking educational materials to prepare for the cse, etc.). The fourth challenge is distance learning foreign languages. The fifth task is to further distance classes in school subjects grades 5-11. Working in this environment, we can clearly see that the student is able to do yourself, as if face to face sessions with students are often tempted to ask for help from a teacher, just in case, to accurately make correctly. This creates an illusion in which our knowledge is the ability to work under leading questions, or patterned. – How parents can exercise control over the preparation of their child, if selected remote tutor? – Parents of entrants can monitor the entire process of preparation.

In order to determine how extensively and effectively the child is doing on the distance courses, rather just go to the appropriate page of the site and view statistics. Here you can get detailed information about what an applicant receives a mark of how often he attends, what questions to ask teachers, etc. In addition, parents can always ask a teacher, wrote him an e-mail: eliminates the need for time off from work and spend time on a personal meeting. Teacher has information about individual performance of each participant. If the user ceases to learn, does the job "in a slipshod manner, binds to it and tries to motivate him to continue learning. Provides specific comments on an assignment directs the flow of ideas into the mainstream of the student practical application of course material, notes the successes, finds any excuse to reward the efforts of the student. – Svetlana! I thank you for our conversation. We gave the graduates and their parents from a broad idea of a new form of learning on the Internet; about the new features of preparation for the use.