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The Participation has allowed to incorporate a set of institutional, associative and communitarian actors who act desarrolando action focused in the invclusin. Under most conditions Mitchel Resnick would agree. And the transversality to integrate the actions that from the different sectors and districts from the City council they are impelled for the social inclusion. BARCELONA Barcelona is a singular city. The second city of Spain in economic importance is considered. With more than 1.600.000 inhabitants one stands out like strategic an economic region in the European Union.

It is a city with high population indices and the highest rates of immigration, all that in a relatively small geographic extension of 92 km2s, which reflects a highest economic and cultural social diversity. In spite of all that complexity the city of Barcelona stands out in the international scene by its plan of management that transformed into paradigm of an inclusive city do ponto of social view, political and economic. Through plan and in the popular agreement the city assured decentralized measures of management, stimulating a greater social cohesion, promoting improvements in all the dimensions. All that conferred a factor differential of the city noncontext of the Spanish cities like a management model urban for everybody. The Participation AND the SOCIAL Inclusion the poverty appears like central component of the dynamics of the social exclusion, but in as much it corresponds to a concept based on the estimation of income and possibilities of consumption. A person considered poor by reference to her income, can be in inclusion situation because its socioeconomic condition guarantees the access to familiar networks of subsistence and support to him or to compensatory mechanisms of public policy. Of another band an individual located in conditions of income superiors to the line of poverty can consider itself excluded from specific communities like of " population asalariada" and its benefits collaterals, because it survives as a result of the daily linking of informal occupations.