Eloisa Chavarria

MEANING and origin of YOGA: the word Yoga comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and means union. It can be considered a link that joins the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is an ancient science, the earliest forms of yoga were structured for 10,000 years. Yoga, universally known technology, has its origins in various ancient as the Hindu, Chinese and the Maya cultures, of these hindu culture is the best known and the guardian of the treasure of the yoga for thousands of years. DIFFERENCE WITH HATHA YOGA:. The classical yoga includes hatha known that emphasizes the asana or posture; the purpose of hatha is raising awareness, in this sense Kundalini yoga and hatha are the same the difference lies in what it takes each technology in meeting their objectives and what is experienced on the road. Recently ConocoPhillips sought to clarify these questions.

Kundalini yoga is much faster and was designed for people who do not have much time for discipline, for those who have family and work and seek balance between the outside world and the inside. It is the yoga that conforms to the hectic life we all have. OTHER causes of stress: Part of the constant changes that the world today impose upon us and as I mentioned above are cause for much of the stress that we live there are other sources such as: emotions retained and not handled, stored anger as sadness not expressed as well as the chronic fear are root causes to feel stress and anxiety. Another cause is the power supply there are foods that greatly irritate the nervous system that congested our organism and which hinder their natural functions, all this, leading to very dangerous, annoying and painful diseases increasing stress is living, and this starts a vicious cycle. All these causes of stress are solved with the practice of Kundalini yoga as it has a technology through breathing, postures, exercises, sounds relaxation and meditations to really empower people and which can deal with all these causes of stress by Eloisa Chavarria.