Electrical Invoices

From 2011 taxpayers with incomes greater than 4 billion pesos are required to switch to electronic billing system, so you will have to get a billing software. Know that it is an obligation tends to that we are aseptic to change, but to know about all the benefits that this system provides will change our idea. Below I present some – of the advantages of the use of electronic billing system: Save: with the use of electronic billing system will save on the cost of paper, ink, and shipping. Also from this moment you save save all your papers in boxes because they will now be stored on your computer, you will only have to make backups of your information regularly. You’ll be more productive: transactions will be made in real time via email, so you’ll be more productive in terms of time.

If your client requires or asks you printed invoice only the document already generated and ready you imprimiras. Secure invoices: to have necessary billing is electronic system to register in the service of tax administration (SAT), which will provide a digital stamp which will be used only by you, so that stamp will make you authentic, so you can verify the identity of the emitters. The information generated can not be manipulated with software and may not falsify.. (Similarly see: Mitchel Resnick).