Efficient Press Relations

As spokespersons or officials who are frequently exposed to the press, meetings with representatives of the media are difficult, if not ready. Here are some ideas to help you achieve effective communication with journalists. I say effectively because it will help them achieve their goal, it is to get the news and get the messages you convey your institution has to the public. Here are some suggestions: 1. Prepare in advance the messages to your encounters with the press.

Define 3 or 4 key messages around which proactive turn the interview. It also prepares at least five key messages reagents, which are only used when you ask, you should not use them unnecessarily. 2. No answers as unofficial or personal capacity. Avoid statements off the record, the journalist is a journalist all the time, even if you have turned off the recorder. 3. Avoid using elaborate language in your press statements. You talk to who understands a child of 10 years, so that when the publication is easily understandable for all audiences.

4. Never tell a reporter what may or may not publish or ask to see the item before it is published. 5. In an interview you should always stay calm, above all, avoid arguing with the reporter, and less if it is leading you on purpose. 6. Repeat the name of the institution you represent frequently in an appearance before the media. 7. You have to measure each of the phrases are used: Any statement may be used as a starter. On the other hand, does not always respect our discourse, and should therefore be clear and concise. 8. Do not offer speculative answers or we do not have absolute certainty. 9. No lie. 10. Avoid any derogatory comments and not argue or attack the media professionals, but they deserve in some cases. The meetings with the press should be exploited to the fullest. Do not shun the journalists, if you’re ready always considered excellent opportunity to project your institution.