Editorial Robs

Done nothing else that to the EDITORIAL directors ROBS (www.editorialrove.com), one rising editorial with a promising future, but in short, to the interviewed people: Lucas Moltrasio and Diego Corradini. So I leave the interview beginning by a question that I did to him to Diego when contacting for the first time with him: You are the director of the publishing house? DC: If, and next to Lucas Moltrasio we directed to ROBS, being also he director and both partners by equal parts. At the moment we were divided the direction of the Publishing house in two great areas, on the one hand the edition of the Magazine IT, that ahead takes to Lucas and as for me the direction to it of the publishing house generally. Although our way to direct is speaking and agreeing the possible ways to follow, being permeable both to different ideas that we raised continuously. Why you have decided to create one editorial? DC: The decision was altogether with Lucas, both we felt that the publishing world could be different, that to publish a book had to be different and that in the 21st century, the technology and telecommunications could be a bridge to a new way to make and to read a book. I believe that the publishing world is changing, that little by little Internet was strained and I arrive to remain, I believe that the publishing houses in the next years will have to adapt to well-educated readers, demanding, adapted to multiple platforms of reading (physical books, e-book, books multimedia and I go ahead to the future: holographic books in 3D and). To read is a experience and ROBS comes to occupy a space thinking about the digital era like airdrop platform and about the innovation like means of continuous overcoming, without stopping being kind to the classic publishing techniques. Reader and author must be in center of any strategy of one editorial, HE ROBS this journeying a way in that sense and by mainly with the present method of autopublicacin we tried to be democratic and to allow that the readers are the main jury of writings.