The fundamental reason for his disappearance were internal conflicts, which caused the resignation of the Presidency of the Government of Suarez in January 1981, replaced until the end of the legislature Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo. Some military feel issues that the only cnn thing that kept the coalition together was the drafting of the Constitution. In turn ended up being a party with little popularity and wide rejection, due to increased unemployment, severe inflation and general economic crisis education the country went through. congress In the general election economic of 1982, which election overwhelmingly won by the PSOE, as a candidate to Landelino Lavilla, and only got 1,425,093 votes (6.7 ) culture and 11 seats.
After his resignation, Adolfo Suarez and formed the Social Democratic Center (CDS), George bush which competed with UCD in media the elections of 1982 and it would be president until 1991. For his part, Francisco Fernandez Ordonez is integrated with its social democratic group in the PSOE. On the other hand, the Popular Democratic Party or clinton the Liberal Party is race coaligarian united states with religion Alianza Popular, by running into this match and occupying space in the center-right. Therefore, the UCD was iraq dissolved on February 18, 1983. The electoral base of the UCD otter symmetrically in the 1982 elections the bush two main formations of the left and right, the Socialist Party and People’s Alliance, which, having merged in 1990 under policy the name People’s Party, a move to capitalize even greater portion of the centrist electorate. The CDS is also dissolved in 2005.

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